My new todo list and getting to the YouTube

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For the last few years I haven’t really been doing anything with myself that was terribly important. I’ve been playing games a lot and doing odd jobs working on friend’s computers doing seo and marketing consulting. All pretty lazy stuff. So now that it’s time to get back to work I’m finding how …

The day my glasses broke

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So the other day I broke my glasses, I ordered new ones but they tell me it’s gonna take at least a week to get them in.
It was driving me nuts not having a pair so I found a pair of reading glasses and popped my lenses into them. Don’t …

So what’s next for me?

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I’ve always thought I would like to enrich others, as I do the same for myself. What about you?

Changes in my priorities

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After a great deal of soul searching and self discussion I have decide to drop all my open source activity. Over the last few years I have devoted a great deal of time working on various open source projects with a a great group of very talented coders. Unfortunately I …

Nasty phlegm (With Photos)

Okay, I lied, no photos of nasty phlegm. Sorry if you came all this way to see them.
I have never had smokers cough while smoking so I guess it’s only fitting I get it now. The last few days I have been coughing up the nastiest junk. My throat is …

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